Jack and Lynn reach a settlement on their divorce. Later, Jack becomes Marian's knight in shining armour when her car runs out of petrol.


Annie has waited up for Jack to arrive home for a private talk with him. She tells him that she persuaded Jacob to leave the farm to him. She says that his father was a drunk who ran the farm from the The Woolpack. She pushes him for an answer on whether he will stick around to run the place, but he can't give her one. Joe tells Matt he will replace the fishing rod, he mentions to not let on to Peggy about it as she bought it him. A stranger turns up at the farm and whisks Jack away. He turns out to be Wallace, a friend of Jack's from London who tries to persuade Jack to arrange a meeting with a mystery woman, Lynn. They arrange a meeting at The Feathers Country Hotel in Connelton. Marian calls around to the farm to have a word with Jack but he's not in, she wants to have a word with Jack about the right of way before he meets with her father. Henry announces his retirement. Marian runs out of petrol and is rescued by Jack. The family discuss Jack being whisked away, clearly not wanting to be seen. As it starts to rain Marian and Jack seek shelter in Jameson's barn and become closer.


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