Carl has a go at Jimmy for sabotaging his plans for the De Souzas, but Jimmy insists that he had nothing to do with it and he suggests he looks closer to home. Carl realises that Jimmy is hinting that Lexi had a hand in things and he angrily confronts her. Lexi says she was blackmailed by Matthew and Carl storms over to confront his brother. Carl squares up to Matthew but as things almost come to blows he realises that he's had enough of the fighting and he tells Matthew that he has no energy to continue their feud. Matthew realises that his petty sabotage campaign has left him bereft of both Carl and Jimmy and he has a conciliatory drink with Carl and Donald in The Woolpack. Belle gets Zak to admit to being sacked, and suggests he tell Lisa. Zak realises he has no way out and he returns home to deliver the bad news. Lisa is left reeling when she realises that he's also lost Belle's school fees and demands that he beg for his job back, but Zak's pride won't allow him. Also, David is chuffed when Eric reluctantly asks him to be his best man - until he sees the list of chores!


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