Sharon turns up in the village and a panicky Val hides from her, but her curiosity gets the better of her and she asks Sharon why she is back in Emmerdale. Sharon tells a surprised Val that she's come to support her in the 'Village Pub of the Year' contest. Later, Val gets drunk with Sharon and the girls, but has no idea that the celebration is her surprise hen night! Lisa has a struggle on her hands when Val gives her 1000 tablecloths to sew and she confides in Zak that she's feeling stressed because Zak has quit his job. Val refuses to show any compassion and Eric provides some unlikely goodwill when he treats an exhausted Lisa to lunch. Val sees Lisa in The Woolpack and orders her back to work. A lacklustre Lisa tries to fight back but is too tired. Jasmine jokes with Jake about him being underage in The Woolpack, but reveals that it's his 18th. Jasmine realises that a preoccupied Mel and Greg have forgotten Jake's birthday and she tactfully reminds them. Later, Jake enjoys spending more time with Jasmine in The Woolpack, but Miles is jealous of their closeness. Also, Lexi feels guilty about betraying Carl.


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