Andy struggles at the cattle market as the food poisoning scare continues to haunt the business and he insists that Jo sells off the goats. Sam gets the feeling that his job may be on the line and he seeks reassurance from Jo, who promises to have a word with Andy. A brooding Andy sees them talking and worries that Jo might have spilled the beans about his violent temper. Andy menacingly warns Jo to sack Sam as soon as possible. Ashley is upset when Laurel refuses to attend the parental hearing and Betty warns Laurel not to alienate her husband. Laurel is even more on edge when Mel pleads with her not to attend the hearing as it may convince the judge to leave Arthur with her and Greg. Laurel is upset when Ashley insists that unless she accepts Arthur as their son, their marriage is over. Marlon is thrilled when he calls Antony Worrall Thompson and learns that Antony has got him an audition for a local cookery show. Marlon cooks a romantic meal for Donna in The Woolpack as practice and a love-struck Ross is jealous when he sees the obviously happy couple. Also, Nicola is jealous when she finds out that David slept with Sharon.


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