Ashley sets off for the hearing alone but tells Laurel to join him later. Mel is hopeful when she realises that Laurel hasn't turned up. Laurel wrestles with her conscience as the hearing begins but just as things are looking bad for Ashley, she bursts in. Ashley and Laurel are named as Arthur's parents and the judge rules that Mel and Greg must hand over Arthur to them within the next 24 hours. Jo is angry when Andy fires Jake on the same day as the hearing about Arthur as she knows that Jake is under stress. Andy is unrepentant and warns Jo that Sam is next on the list. Andy gets even more wound up when he discovers that Jo has bought an expensive dolls house for Sarah's birthday and a fearful Jo agrees to return it to the shop. Donna saves Ross from an att from a drug addict and an impressed Ross admires Donna's bravery. When the colleagues return to Tall Trees Cottage, they are stunned to discover that Marlon has been hired for the TV slot. Donna is ecstatic for her husband but Ross looks on with envy as his feelings for Donna continue to grow. Also, Eric hides his VAT bill from Val.


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