Mel and Greg can barely contain their grief as they say their goodbyes to Arthur and hand him over to Ashley, while Laurel watches from upstairs. Back home, Mel launches into a furious tirade against Greg, blaming him for what's happened before she collapses in grief into her husband's arms. Ashley tries to explain the situation to a confused Gabby, but his efforts are hampered by Laurel's refusal to spend time with Arthur. Eric has got David to ask Val for a loan so he can secretly put it towards his VAT bill. David soon feels the rough end of the bargain when Val expects daily tasks to be completed while the loan is outstanding. The bizarre situation soon spreads gossip when his cleaning staff speculate about the state of David's finances. Pearl returns from her cruise and her friends are eager to learn what happened with Joe. An unusually guarded Pearl shows off her photographs without making mention of her male admirer. The delay rubs Lily up the wrong way and she demands the gory details. Pearl is embarrassed and reveals that Joe misbehaved and was thrown off the cruise! Also, Debbie is suspicious when Jo takes the dolls house back to the shop.


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