Diane organises a birthday party for Sarah and tries to convince Debbie to attend, but Debbie refuses. Debbie asks Diane to tell Andy that she'll pop over to Butlers Farm while they're out with a gift for Sarah. Diane tells Jo and Andy her plans for a party for Sarah. Andy is ungrateful, but grudgingly agrees. Andy gets back from the party and is angry to find Debbie in the house. All attempts to be polite go out the window when he sees that she's bought the posh dolls house for Sarah that he told Jo to return. Andy confronts Jo and accuses her of telling Debbie that they were too skint to buy Sarah the dolls house and he smashes up the toy in a rage. Jo is stunned. Ashley and Doug are up all night comforting a crying Arthur and they are worried that Laurel is practically ignoring the baby. Ashley is called away by one of his parishioners and he asks Laurel to look after Arthur, but Laurel makes excuses and tells him she has plans to go shopping. Doug is forced to look after him. Also, Terry makes his peace with Andy and Jo.


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