Jo has a go at Andy for taking his temper out on Sarah's new dolls house and warns him to think of an explanation to tell Sarah when she catches him trying to fix it. Andy tells an upset Sarah that it was an accident. Andy gets his own back on Jo by reminding her that she needs to sack Sam. Jo tells Sam the bad news and is on the verge of telling him about Andy's terrifying temper when Andy interrupts. Ashley struggles to get Arthur to eat and Jake mentions that Arthur would only feed properly with Mel. Laurel still refuses to help with Arthur and reaffirms her belief that he won't be settled until he's back with Mel. Meanwhile, Greg tells Mel that he's found a buyer for the house and suggests they move to Spain, but Mel doesn't want to abandon Arthur just yet. David does his best to avoid Sharon, but she forces him to see her by using her contacts to find him a high-profile client who needs her city centre apartment cleaning. Sharon takes David to see the client and Nicola is annoyed when Sharon and David come into the pub together. Also, Scarlett gets tickets to visit Carrie in Canada.


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