Ashley is at his wit's end trying to get Arthur to feed and he tries to create an atmosphere of calm, but nothing seems to work. A desperate Ashley reluctantly asks Mel to help out and Arthur finally manages to eat. Laurel is furious when she finds them and accuses Ashley of prolonging the torment for both Arthur and Mel. When Greg finds out he is equally angry. Lexi feels lonely as Scarlett packs up to spend six weeks with Carrie. Lexi realises that she has no job and few friends and she goes to The Woolpack to beg Diane for her job back. Diane is unsympathetic and points out that Jasmine's doing a fine job in her place. David offers Lexi a cleaning job and although she can't stand the thought, she is forced to accept. Andy tells Jo that he feels regretful about having to sack Sam and Jo takes advantage of his reasonable mood and brings up the dolls house. Andy concedes that Debbie didn't mean anything by buying the gift and later shocks Debbie when he drops off Sarah as an apology for his harsh words. Also, Sharon continues to rub her relationship with David in Nicola's face.

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