Mel turns up to see how Arthur is and Ashley admits that he's not really eaten anything since she left the previous day. Mel suggests feeding him again and Ashley is torn between Arthur's welfare and Greg's steely words the night before. Meanwhile, Greg is annoyed that Mel has been with the baby once again and when she accuses him of not caring he cruelly reminds her that Arthur is not their child and never has been. Jake orders a pint at noon and Jasmine jokingly remarks that it's a bit early. Jake says now he's unemployed there's not much else for him to do. Jasmine sees Marlon struggling with a delivery and she suggests that Jake lend a hand. When Miles arrives at the pub he's jealous to see Jake joking around with Jasmine. Sharon's rich mate Colette visits the vet's and demands that Paddy microchip her designer dog Beau so that she can take it to Marbella the next day. Paddy explains that it takes weeks for a pet passport to be issued and turns her down when she tries to bribe him. Nicola spots a business opportunity and offers to look after the dog with her 'premier' dog-sitting service! Also, Miles asks Jasmine to go on holiday with him.


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