Nicola is struggling to look after Colette's dog Beau and she leaves him at home, despite Rodney's warning. Rodney is fuming when Beau makes a good job of wrecking the lounge, but he finds himself charmed by the tiny terror. Nicola is thrilled when she gets a call from Colette, who reveals that some of her friends would like to book her dog-sitting services. Jake starts his trial in the pub kitchen and he and Jasmine are soon joking around. The pair end up in a food fight after Jake makes her a sandwich laced with chilli. Miles is fuming and he confronts Jake in the toilets and warns him off. Jake tells Jasmine about her jealous boyfriend's threats and she angrily tells Miles that they should stop seeing each other. Miles begs her to reconsider and she feels forced to concede. Ashley decides that it's time that they all behaved like a family and he tells Laurel to throw a sickie for herself and Gabby, so they can go on a picnic. Laurel enjoys their day out and she's pleased to see Gabby so happy, but she still can't bring herself to get close to Arthur. Also, David does his best to avoid Sharon.


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