Jasmine is having doubts about going on holiday with Miles, who is painfully aware that all it not well between them. Donald worries for his son and reminds Jasmine that Miles relies on her, but Jasmine is irritated by his interference. When Miles sees Jasmine chatting to Jake his jealousy flares and he and Jasmine argue. Jasmine tells Miles it's over but feels guilty as he leaves for the holiday in France alone. David is furious when Nicola tries to build up her dog-sitting empire by trying to get business from his cleaning clients and he goes round to confront her. The sexual tension between them is evident, but the moment is broken when Sharon interrupts. Later, David watches Nicola with amusement as she tries to cope with three dogs at once. Viv is cross when her legal aid solicitor hasn't even bothered to read her case notes, and even calls her by the wrong name. Viv is further outraged when the solicitor advises her to plead guilty to get a more lenient sentence. Bob refuses to let Viv remortgage the house to pay for a better solicitor and a morose Viv worries that she is on her way to prison. Also, Gennie loses Belle's school hamster.


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  • This episode was broadcast at the later time of 7.30pm.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 6,720,000 viewers (10th place).
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