Donna is on surveillance with Ross while Marlon is filming his TV slot and Ross tries to cheer her up. The pair end up discussing past relationships and Donna admits what happened with Max King. Ross can't hide his feelings any longer and blurts out that he loves her. Donna is shocked and Ross feels mortified at his blunder. David insists to a cynical Eric that he and Nicola make a great team. Nicola takes the reins at David's cleaning business and decides to revamp the set-up. Paddy and Chas want to know why Nicola hasn't turned up for work at the vet's and she triumphantly announces that she's quitting. Jake and Daz watch Marlon filming his TV slot in The Woolpack and make a nuisance of themselves. Jake seems to be well in with the assistant producer and he tells Daz he'll have her number by the end of the day. True to his word, he gets a number - but it turns out she's fobbed him off with the mobile number of one of the cameramen! Also, Gray agrees to represent Viv and Bob; Val tries to promote The Woolpack on Marlon's TV slot after failing to blag a starring role.


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