Donna tells Katie that Ross declared his love for her and Katie agrees that it's probably best she keep the news from Marlon - as long as she sets Ross straight. Donna is awkward when Ross arrives at work, but Ross gets in first and apologises for his words. Donna tells Ross that she loves Marlon and nothing can happen between them, but they agree to remain friends. David complains to Eric that Val is refusing to pay her cleaning invoice, saying he can take it off the tab for her loan. Eric assures David that he has some business lined up and the new client is impressed, but wants samples by the next day. Eric ropes Sam into doing the deliveries and offers to pay the workforce time-and-a-half to get the order completed in time. Ashley and Laurel are grateful when Rodney offers to take an upset Gabby overnight. Rodney does his best to make Gabby feel comfortable, but struggles to read the badly written children's stories. Instead, he makes up his own stories about 'Rollercoaster Rod' and Gabby is pleased. Also, Katie is forced to agree to go on a picnic with Gray and Perdy.


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  • Additional credits: Stuart St Paul (Stunt Co-ordinator)
  • A customer with his wife at the Woolpack getting a photo with Marlon is uncredited despite two lines of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 6,170,000 viewers (14th place).
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