Eric is delighted when the client is impressed by the samples that he's managed to get knocked up in record time. Val stands firm when the client wants to renegotiate a lower price and Eric is dismayed when the client says she'll go elsewhere. Val is stunned when Eric starts sobbing over the lost business and he finally confesses that he has a £30k VAT bill to pay. Gennie is shocked by the Dingles' dodgy dealings when Eli turns up with two dozen bottles of knocked off spirits. Eli bets Gennie that she can't sell any of the spirits and she defiantly offloads some booze on Marlon in exchange for a 'top quality' smoothie maker. Gennie feels a fool when Eli tells her that he sold Marlon the dodgy smoothie maker in the first place! Donna is proud of Marlon's new celebrity status. Ross and Paddy join Marlon and Donna for a drink in The Woolpack and Donna is pleased that things seem to be OK with Ross. Donna tells Ross and Paddy not to come home until they've pulled as they head out for a night in Hotten. Also, Gabby is referred to a child psychologist.


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