Val is troubled by money worries and realises that desperate measures are called for. She confesses to a shocked Diane that she'll have to consider selling her share of the pub. But when Val overhears Jimmy saying that he wants to invest in property to do up and sell on she gets a bright idea and sells him the idea of converting the factory into apartments. Val tells a delighted Eric that she could get 150,000k for her share of the pub but brings up the other option of the King brothers buying out the factory. Eric is horrified by the idea and insists that it would turn the village against him - until Val reveals how much money the King brothers are willing to pay. Gennie and Eli battle to offload the smoothie maker and Gennie approaches Viv and attempts to convince her of what a money-spinner it could be. Viv demands a free trial before she buys and Gennie feels forced to agree. Gennie withdraws money from her post office account to fool Eli into thinking she made a successful sale. But her ruse is uncovered when the smoothie maker malfunctions and Viv confronts Gennie after getting covered in fruit! Also, Ross is still secretly in love with Donna.


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