Val announces that The Woolpack has won the pub of the year contest, but when the judge turns up, it's clear Val has got the wrong end of the stick. The Woolpack was left runner-up to The Malt after winning top marks on food, but being marked down for service. Marlon blames Val for scuppering the pub's chances and as the row escalates, Marlon declares that he's leaving The Woolpack to work for The Malt! Sam feels guilty about misunderstanding Eric and he offers to help him rebuild the factory but a devastated Eric insists that Sam has 'helped' enough. Eric drowns his sorrows in the pub and blames Val for getting him involved with the Kings in the first place. Val offers to remortgage The Woolpack to help him out. Mel visits Arthur and asks Ashley's permission to let her take Arthur to a baby signing class. Ashley is reluctant but Mel talks him into it and insists that it's only a couple of hours a week. Mel tells Greg the 'good news' and he is angry but seeing how much it means to his wife, he agrees to go along. Also, Gray leaves Viv feeling downbeat about her chances in court.


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