Greg and Mel take Arthur to the baby-signing class and Greg enjoys himself, but when the instructor refers to Mel and Greg as Arthur's parents, and Mel fails to correct him, Greg is furious. Greg confronts Mel and insists that she's making the situation worse for herself. Mel tells Greg that she won't give up Arthur and he's either with her - or they have no future together. Ashley is surprised when Mel returns to the Thomas's without Greg and he realises that there's been an upset. Mel is thrilled when Greg finally turns up and tells her that he will support her. Mel happily shows Ashley what they've learnt with Arthur at the class, but Ashley has doubts over letting them spend so much time with him. Marlon decides that it's time to contact Phil at The Malt to take him up on his job offer, but Donna urges him to reconsider. Marlon is defiant and insists that he needs to take control of his future. When he finally plucks up the courage to talk to Phil he learns that they've already hired a hot young chef from London - and Marlon is left jobless. Also, Nicola complains to David that Betty's earning more than her.


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