Debbie invites Eli to Leeds for the day, but is disappointed when he turns her down to help Gennie. Debbie sees Eli sharing a cosy lunch with Gennie at the cafe and she is jealous. Debbie gets drunk and seduces Eli, but she is gutted when he goes straight out after they've done the deed. Louise feels guilty about her run-in with Viv and she heads over to the cafe to talk to her. Viv accuses her of attempting blackmail and Louise tries to defend herself. Viv confesses that Louise has got her way - she is getting contracts drawn up to transfer the businesses. Louise is suspicious that Viv is hiding something. Viv confesses that she and Freddie shared a kiss in a moment of weakness. Katie has her heart set on taking the baby from Gray and Perdy after the birth, but Chas points out that after labour she'll be in no state to do anything. Katie has food for thought and she tells Gray and Perdy she wants an elective C-section. Katie tells Chas that she'll give a false date for the op, giving her time to flee with the baby. Also, Gennie talks Terry into letting her use the B&B storeroom as a temporary factory.


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