Lexi discovers that Donald is leaving the business and she calls Carl to tell him the news. In her haste to talk to Carl she ignores an urgent message for Donald from a stranger called Anna. Carl decides to confront Donald about his plans and Donald wonders whether Carl feels that the business owes him. Donald seems satisfied when Carl convinces him that he is not on the take and he takes Carl for a drink and appoints him the new Managing Director. Marlon is miffed when Viv curbs his creative streak at the cafe. Meanwhile, at The Woolpack things are going rapidly downhill in the kitchens and Rodney complains that his catering order for Donald's birthday party is incomplete. Diane and Val realise they need to sort the situation and when they discover that Marlon isn't at The Malt after all they offer him his old job back. Eli arranges a lunch with Gennie to discuss the misunderstanding over their kiss. However, an unfortunate slip of the tongue leads Gennie to believe it's a dinner date. When Eli attempts to explain himself, Gennie laughs off her mistakes and bluffs that she doesn't fancy him anyway. Eli doesn't know whether to be relieved or offended!


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