Katie realises she needs money to flee after the baby is born and she lies to Gray that her mum is having money problems and suggests she comes to stay. Gray falls for Katie's plan and offers to give Katie money to pay the debt instead. Katie also wants to have Perdy where she can keep an eye on her and she suggests to Gray that he saves money paying for Perdy's flat by letting her move back in. Carl is angry when he finds Anna nosing around his office and the tension between them gets even worse when they are forced to have dinner together in The Woolpack. Lexi jealously throws Anna a few dirty looks and Carl is forced to explain that they used to be an item. Anna cattily tells Carl she hopes Carl's choices in his personal life don't reflect on his business acumen! Viv is finding it difficult to cope with the businesses on her own and she is on edge. Viv is terrified when Louise calls from holiday and talks to Bob and she panics that Louise has told Bob about her kiss with Freddie. Bob is perplexed by Viv's strange behaviour and he tells Donna that he is seriously worried about Viv's state of mind. Rodney takes care of a sick Gabby for the day and cheers her up by showing her the story he wrote about "Terrible Trixie" - AKA Nicola. Lily and Pearl tease Terry when they hear him calling into a radio show for gardening under the name "Jerry Forest."


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