Katie is pleased her plan is working when Gray transfers money into her account and moves Perdy back to the village. Paul sees Perdy and approaches her, but he only upsets his former friend. Katie wants to know why Perdy and Paul fell out and is stunned when Jonny confesses that Paul had an affair with Gray. Katie feels sympathy for Perdy and angrily tells Perdy she's going to leave Gray, but Perdy begs her to wait until the baby is born. Ashley and Laurel decide to put Arthur into Daniel's old nursery. Viv remains uninterested in the cafe and shop due to wanting to spend time with the twins before she could possibly face prison, leaving a frazzled Donna to do much of the work. She's grateful when Ross offers some help. Nicola is angry when she realises she is the inspiration for "Terrible Trixie," a character in a story Rodney wrote for Gabby, but she uses it to her advantage. Paddy is left terrified due to Chas' frenzied driving.


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