Donna suspects there's been a sighting of Freddie when a man reports a charity collector as a possible conman. Donna tells Viv, who is unable to contain herself and insists to Bob that they rehire the private investigator. Bob turns her down flat and Viv begs Donna for financial help instead when she rehires Rebecca secretly. Donna refuses and Viv rings to tell Rebecca the bad news, but Rebecca reveals she has some news for her about Freddie. Nicola is forced to look after an ill Gabby and when Gabby and David's game of hide and seek loses her a sale, she takes Gabby to the B&B to play with TJ and leaves Rodney's book with Terry to keep the kids quiet. Terry later raves about 'Rollercoaster Rod' in The Woolpack, much to Rodney's embarrassment and suggests to Nicola that the story is worth publishing. Nicola's eyes light up. Katie agrees to go to lunch at The Woolpack with Gray and Perdy and she defends Perdy when Pearl has a dig at her. Chas wonders why Katie is sticking up for her and Katie reveals that she's has changed her attitude about Perdy. Also, Paddy is embarrassed when he's forced to borrow Gennie's pink moped!


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