Jo wakes up with no memory of her drunken night but her arm is mysteriously covered in bruises. Andy insists that she hurt herself while she was drunk but Jo doubts his story. Andy has the upper hand when he says that she can't remember anything so she shouldn't argue. Andy demands that Jo gives up the job at The Woolpack but Diane intervenes and advises Andy to visit Jack in Spain for a few weeks to get some time off. Bob and Viv share a picnic with the twins and Viv makes an emotional confession that she shared a kiss with Freddie. Viv also reveals that she was blackmailed by Louise. Bob is stunned by both of the confessions and Viv begs him not to leave her. Bob reluctantly agrees but insists that he's moving into the spare bedroom. Terry is starting to regret allowing the factory to operate in the B&B's basement when he catches Lisa leaving one of the guestrooms having used the toilet. An unrepentant Lisa insists that he needs proper toilets for them if he's going to take rent money from Eric. Also, Nicola makes another attempt to get Rodney's book published.


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