Bob is devastated after Viv's admission that she kissed Freddie and he confides his troubles to Diane, who asks him whether he still loves Viv and whether he should put his pride aside to be with her. Bob realises Diane is right and he loves his wife and he decides to forgive her. Bob rushes home to tell her and also pledge his full support. Nicola is delighted when she gets a call from a publisher raving about Rodney's book. David is stunned when Nicola claims full credit for writing the book and mentions Rodney as merely an inspiration and claims that he is dead! David is worried about the wisdom of pretending to be the real author but Nicola tells David she wants him to be her 'agent' and refuses to listen to his doubts. Terry is annoyed when the factory workers start singing and disturb his guests and he tells Val in no uncertain terms that he can't put up with the intrusion anymore and he wants his storeroom back. Terry also tells Eric that he's had enough but Eric plays on Terry's sympathies about the workers' jobs and it's not long before he's convinced him to renegotiate a new lease.

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