Louise and Jamie return from their holiday loved up but Louise is furious when she realises that Terry has made the storeroom factory permanent without asking her. A wily Val winds Terry up about taking orders from Louise and he reacts by signing an official contract to allow the workers to stay in the storeroom. After a row with Jamie, a drunken Louise reports the factory to health and safety in revenge. Bob confronts Louise about blackmailing Viv and when Jamie realises what his fiancée has been up to he makes it clear that he's disgusted that she has sunk so low. Jamie walks out on Louise and he visits Bob in a state and Bob sadly tells Jamie that he has no doubts about Viv's accusation. Jamie doesn't know whether he has a future with Louise. Perdy is thrilled when Katie asks if she would be willing to look after the baby when it is born so she can return to work full-time. Perdy cries tears of job and tells Katie that there is nothing she'd like to do more. Also, Edna tries to get Lily a job at the factory; David makes a decision and tells Nicola that he's with her on the book scam.


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