Jonny is surprised when Perdy gets back from a shopping trip with piles of baby items and he questions Katie over Perdy's involvement with the baby. Katie tells him that if it all goes to plan she will make Gray pay for his duplicity by giving the baby to Perdy and enough money for her to run away. Jonny is stunned and lets slip to Paul that Katie is thinking of denying Gray his child. Jonny is disturbed when Paul wants to tell Grayson the truth - he tells Paul if Paul chooses Grayson over him for a second time, their relationship is finished. Eric gets a visit from the health and safety inspector at the B&B factory. Eric is stunned when the inspector points out that there are several things that need to be addressed before work can continue and he is forced to send the workers home. Val immediately blames Louise and angrily confronts her. Eric worries that Val has made a bad situation even worse. Louise is troubled when Jamie reveals he's reconsidering their future together following the blackmail. Louise tries to apologise to Jamie for threatening Viv, but Jamie tells her that Viv and Bob need the apology, not him. Louise sheepishly visits Viv, who accepts her apology decides to make Louise pay for it! Also, Jo asks Diane to keep back her tips so she can save for a surprise for Andy.


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