Gray spends all night searching for Perdy, but returns home defeated. The police refuse to investigate the 'baby-snatching' as the baby is with its biological mother. Meanwhile, Jonny asks Katie if she wants to stay at Victoria Cottage and he is sickened by Paul's sympathy for Gray when he tells Paul about his offer. Jonny tells both Paul and Gray to stay away from him and Katie. Gennie tells Eli that she'll help him get hold of a hot tub for the Dingles, but she feels forced to go for a job interview after interference from her mum. Brenda visits and tells Shadrach that she misses her daughter. Shadrach arranges for them to meet but Gennie borrows £500 'for work', intending to use it as a deposit for a free trial on a hot tub. Sam worries how Jo is coping alone at the farm and he offers to help her out for free. Jo is grateful for the help as Daz was supposed to be giving her a hand. Jo thanks Sam for his help and Lisa worries when Sam tells her that he wants to work more for Jo and less at the factory. Also, Anna asks Jasmine to help out with the De Souza website.


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