Gennie basks in her success as the hot tub turns up to the delight of the Dingles. Chas reminds Gennie that she doesn't have to prove herself, as she's already part of the family. Eli throws a pool party, but the fun is spoiled when Brenda shows up and demands Gennie get out immediately. Brenda realises Gennie lied to her about having a job. Brenda demands she leave with her immediately and when Gennie refuses, Brenda insists that she is sticking around until she does! Gray is in a bad way and he breaks down on Diane after revealing that Perdy has taken their baby. Meanwhile, Katie feels bad that her troubles with Gray and the baby have driven Paul and Jonny apart. Paul begs Jonny not to give up on their relationship, but Jonny tells a devastated Paul that they need some time apart. Anna suggests to Miles that Jasmine becomes his assistant on his photography jobs for the De Souzas. Miles realises what Anna is up to and he warns her not to try matchmaking as it's all over between him and Jasmine. Also, Sam tells Daz he has a crush on a girl, but doesn't reveal that it's Jo.


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