Gennie escapes Brenda by telling her she has a job at the Vet's and Chas convinces Josh to spend the afternoon with her and let Gennie cover the phones. Gennie breaks into the drugs cabinet after an emergency call from Sam about an injured sheep when she can't get hold of Josh and rushes to Butler's Farm on her moped. When Edna sees the broken cabinet she assumes the vet's has been burgled and calls the police. Gennie is found with Eli and the drugs and the pair are arrested! Jo is distraught after knocking down the sheep when Gennie turns up and finishes it off by accidentally running it over. Jo breaks down and Sam comforts her, secretly pleased to feel needed. Jo gives him a peck on the cheek and thanks him for his support, but Sam sees more to her kiss than friendship. Jimmy is back from his business trip and he is intrigued to meet Anna. Carl takes Jimmy for a drink and Jimmy is interested to know whether Carl fancies Anna. When Carl insists that he has no interest in Anna, Jimmy makes a move on her and Carl is embarrassed as she does her best to escape. Also, David tries to snoop at Rodney's for more Rollercoaster Rod stories.

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