Andy makes a bruised Jo stay at home while he visits The Woolpack and lies to Diane that Jo is hung-over. Andy is unaware of Sam whispering to Lisa that he is lying. As Andy leaves, Zak warns him not to touch Sam again or risk the wrath of the Dingles. Despite his family's concerns, Sam goes to see Jo and she can't deny that Andy has hit her. Sam demands that Jo leaves Andy, but she refuses, as it would mean leaving Sarah. Despite his concerns, Jo almost shoves Sam out of the door before Andy returns. Sam returns to the Dingles and is about to call the police when Zak intervenes, not realising the truth of the situation and he warns Sam not to interfere in Andy and Jo's relationship. Daz decides to cheer Victoria up by taking her to see the stash, but he's shocked to find that most of it has gone, although Victoria is happy with some of the few remaining items. Matthew and Jimmy are furious when more and more of their merchandise turns up in the village and they try to establish the culprit. Matthew stands up in The Woolpack and warns the regulars that he'll find the thief sooner or later.

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