Sam can't resist sneaking over to Butler's Farm to check on Jo and finds her doubled up in pain. Sam forces Jo to go to the hospital, where Jo lies about her injuries. An angry Sam tells the doctor that Jo was beaten up and the doctor immediately confronts Jo, but she betrays Sam by insisting he's got it wrong. Sam makes a quick exit when Andy arrives at the hospital. Andy takes Jo home and angrily confronts her about her continuing association with Sam. Jo denies saying anything to the doctor, but when Andy accuses Jo of lying, she tells him that she could tell the world if she wanted to hurt him. Andy is defeated, and Jo heads out. Jo bumps into Sam, and he is upset when she is angry with him for interfering. Matthew suspects that Eli and Debbie might be behind the van theft. The police question Debbie and when she confronts the Kings they accuse her of hiding the thief. Debbie is panicked when they threaten to ask Carl to enforce the terms of their loan agreement. A worried Debbie tells Daz they need to get the van back fast. Also, Eric secretly advertises for new - cheaper - factory staff.


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