Eric holds the factory launch but the workers angrily confront him when Pearl overhears him telling McNally that he's advertising for a new workforce. Eric bluffs that he's looking to expand but then he lets slip he wants them to reapply for their own jobs. An outraged Pearl pushes a cheesecake into a stunned Pollard's face, just in time for the newspaper photographer to snap them! Anna is worried about a missing Miles and argues with a disinterested Donald. Anna is frustrated when the police can't help her and she starts another row with Donald. Anna joins Carl for a drink in The Woolpack and he tries to defend Donald. Anna is amused and reveals that Donald would like them to get together. Carl insists it's a ridiculous idea, but he's clearly more interested than he'll admit. Debbie, Jake and Daz hold an amnesty to get back the Kings' missing goods. When most of the goods have been retrieved they steal Andy's tractor to salvage the van from the crash site. After Debbie repairs the damaged van Jasmine, Jake and Daz reload it and they leave it outside Pear Tree Cottage. The Kings are astonished to find the van has returned. Also, Jo shares a romantic picnic with Andy.


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