Donald is wary of Carl and Anna's bickering when they disagree over going into business with Matthew. Donald cooks an elaborate meal for them both and Anna thinks he's trying to play matchmaker. Donald and Anna argue, and Anna gets upset. Donald walks out, and Carl and Anna have a heart-to-heart, and he encourages her to make peace with her father. Carl leans in for a kiss, and she breaks it off but has mixed emotions. Eric has second thoughts about turning on his workforce after nobody turns up for the interview and he kneels to Lisa, who negotiates a wage increase for everyone. Eric realises there was a mistake about the interview time when a queue of people turn up for the interview. Eric rubs his hands in glee before Lisa warns him not to disregard their deal. Eric sticks to his deal with Lisa but takes on two more employees, Adele and Leyla. Daz is furious when he catches a drunk Victoria selling homemade alcopops after stealing vodka from The Woolpack. Daz covers for Victoria with Paul and feels sorry for her when she confesses she misses Jack. Also, Terry tells Diane about Rollercoaster Rod.

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