Diane becomes paranoid that she is boring after reading Rodney's book and decides to get revenge on Rodney. After arranging a business lunch in The Woolpack for him she dresses in dowdy clothes, interrupts the meeting and introduces herself as Rodney's ex-wife! Rodney wants to know what she's up to and gets even more confused when she disappears and then turns up in a low cut top, doing her best Val impression. Rodney's client makes a hasty exit and when Rodney demands to know what she's playing it she hurls a copy of Rollercoaster Rod at him and explains how insulted she is. Viv is feeling low at a family picnic and Donna tries to raise everyone's spirits by organising an egg and spoon race. Viv cheers up but her laughter doesn't last long and Viv confesses she's terrified about her court appearance. Donna makes her mum promise to keep fighting. Alan suggests that Pearl joins the quilt making competition at the village show and when Edna laughs at the idea, Pearl agrees. When Pearl finds out that Edna is entering the competition she accuses her of deliberately sabotaging the competition. Also, Donald warns Carl not to push Anna.


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