Viv decides that the only way out of avoiding jail is to do a runner before the trial. Bob is horrified and insists that the twins would suffer. But Bob realises how desperate his wife is and he goes to Dawn's grave to think about it. A desperate Viv begs Bob to go with her and tells him it's their chance to start a new life. A reluctant Bob feels forced to agree. Bob breaks the news to a devastated Jamie, while Marlon arranges to borrow Paddy's car to drive them to Holyhead to catch a ferry to Ireland. Jamie tells Viv that she's bullied Bob into agreeing and as Marlon drives them away Jamie's words haunt Viv and she confronts Bob about his real feelings. Viv realises that Bob's heart isn't in it and she tells Marlon to take them home. Nicola is cross when Rodney refuses to write more stories for Gabby and she cunningly suggests that Rodney writes another story putting Diane's character in a better light to smooth things over with Diane. David discovers that Nicola has secretly received an advance from the publisher in her name and he furiously tears up the cheque and phones the publisher to request that he is co-author.

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