Donna is stunned when she spots someone who looks suspiciously like Freddie on CCTV footage from a shop. Donna talks Ross into visiting the shop and the shopkeeper recognises Freddie and provides an address. The house is empty, but Donna talks Ross into staking it out. Marlon is left crestfallen, as he'd planned a night for the two of them. Rodney finishes a new Rollercoaster Rod story with a revamped Diane character. Rodney and Nicola are relieved when Diane reads the manuscript and is pleased. Nicola cunningly takes hold of the manuscript for 'safekeeping' and sends it into the publisher. Lexi convinces a bored Scarlett to enjoy herself and they have a shopping trip. Edna and Pearl continue to feud over their quilts until Alan takes them both away from Edna and Pearl to make calmer waters. Inspired by the quilt fuss, Rodney, who wants to cheer up a downbeat Paul, decides that some family bonding will do the trick. Paul and Nicola are speechless when Rodney suggests that they make a quilt to enter into the village show. Also, Jamie gives Viv a makeover for her upcoming court appearance. Bob is impressed. Later, a somber Viv watches Bob playing with the twins.


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