Viv has yesterday's events playing heavily on her mind and she feels guilty that Donna put her life in danger to help her out. Viv tells a stunned Bob that it needs to end and she reveals that she is going to change her plea to guilty. Bob begs Viv to change her mind and he tells her that he will never forgive her if she gives up and leaves the twins without a mother. Marlon, still blaming Ross for Donna's injuries, tries to keep him away, but Ross manages to see her while Marlon isn't at the hospital. Diane learns about the Blackstock family quilt and donates a bag of her old clothes for the project. Diane and Paul enjoy seeing Nicola's misery as they start work on the quilt. Edna is annoyed by Brenda's prying and gossiping, and by Alan's not being impartial by helping Pearl with her quilt. She and Pearl then fall for Nicola's lies about the grand quilt Paul is making. Paul shows Rodney their handiwork, but Rodney notices a piece of material from a blouse that Andy and Daz gave Diane for her birthday. Paul and Rodney realise with horror that they have mistakenly used some of Diane's dry cleaning, instead of her old clothes! Also, Nicola is desperate to get hold of more Rollercoaster Rod stories when the publishers praise her for the second installment. Bob convinces Viv to change her mind, but as the case reconvenes, she horrifies Bob by pleading guilty. Bob is gutted.


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