Nicola and Paul decide to go out and find replacements for Diane's ruined clothes and they have a fun day out together. Back at the village, Rodney frogmarches them into the bar to find Diane holding up a skirt with holes in it. Paul apologises to Diane for ruining her clothes and he gives her the new outfit as a peace offering. Diane is less than impressed when she notices they've bought it in an extra large size, but she manages to see the funny side of it. Paul is pleased that he's had his mind taken off his problems with Jonny, but he notices a few missed calls from his estranged hubby. Paul discovers a text from Jonny saying that he's instructed a solicitor to start divorce proceedings and he is devastated to realise that their relationship is over for good. Scarlett has had her results back for her GCSE exams, but she is in big trouble with Jimmy. Her big brother finds out that she failed the lot of them and he is furious. Also, Edna questions Pearl's intentions towards Alan.


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