Jo is pleased that her relationship with Andy seems to get back on track, but she's thrown when Andy claims that Sarah has been talking about having a little sister. Jo tries to laugh it off, but a serious Andy suggests that they talk about it a bit later. Jo is sure that having a baby now would be a bad idea, but Andy is angry, and he tells her that if she's not prepared to start a family, then they may as well split up. Val gets back early from her solo honeymoon and she wastes no time in seducing her hubby. But as the pair get passionate, Eric is outraged when her shirt rides up and he spots a fresh tattoo of the name 'Derek'! Eric demands an explanation, but Val is just as bemused as he is and claims she was drunk for the entire holiday and can remember nothing about it! Jamie is worried about how Bob is coping without Viv and is nervous that Bob could do a runner. Bob overhears Jamie talking about the possibility with Terry, and he is angry that they don't trust him. Bob insists that he has everything under control and he can manage very well on his own.


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