Bonnie calls her ‘daughter’ and tells Val that she can’t go and stay with her after all as they’ve fallen out. Paul is suspicious and uses the redial on the phone to find out whom she was talking to and he gets the speaking clock. Paul confronts Bonnie, who confesses she was lying about having a daughter – and Val's liaison with the barman - because Val is her only friend. Paul promises he’ll keep her secret on condition that she leaves the village immediately. Val is relieved and vows to concentrate on her husband. Doug is having a bit of a mid-life crisis in the wake of his split from Hilary and Laurel is stunned when he returns from a shopping trip with a flash new sports car then snogs Bonnie in front of her. Laurel is furious with Doug's antics, but he drives away with Bonnie and she's worried that worse is to come. Jo is surprised when Andy decides to leave Sarah with Debbie so they can spend the day painting the kitchen. Jo enjoys spending a stress-free day with her husband and they get more intimate after a few more glasses of wine. Also, Alan struggles to organise the village show.


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