Andy’s perfect husband act falls apart when Jo refuses to discuss having babies. Andy quickly loses his temper and grabs her shoulder, but he is taken aback when she wrestles free from his grasp and calls him a wife-beating monster. Jo orders Andy out of the house and Daz is concerned when he sees Andy downing drinks. Jo later worriedly tells Daz that Andy has failed to come home and isn’t answering his mobile. Bob realises that he can’t keep up the pretence of being able to cope with the babies and the businesses alone when a worn-out Brenda implores him to visit Jamie and ask him for some help. Bob regretfully heads over to the B&B to talk to Jamie but can’t bring himself to confess the truth. Laurel is mortified when she learns that Doug spent the night with Bonnie. Meanwhile, Doug is getting fed up of the overbearing Bonnie and tells her that he doesn’t want to get in to anything serious. Ashley helps Doug out by telling Bonnie that he can’t have any shenanigans going on in a vicarage and an indignant Bonnie leaves the village. Also, Nicola employs some dirty tricks in an attempt to get more of Rodney’s stories.


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