Daz is worried when he learns that Andy hasn't been home all weekend, while Jo reports Andy to the police as a missing person. Daz sets out to find Andy and finally discovers him in a complete state after a weekend bender. A miserable Andy admits he's scared to go back home in case his family will reject him. Daz tries to make Andy see sense and reminds him that Sarah needs him. Andy returns to a relieved Jo, but he collapses. Marlon and Paddy can't believe how competitive everyone has got about the village show and they enjoy winding up the pub punters about it. Jamie is angry at their attitude and orders them out of the pub. Marlon and Paddy decide to take revenge and on their way home they steal all of what they think are Jamie's prize vegetables, not realising that they, in fact, belong to Terry! Nicola does her best to manipulate Gabby into getting another story out of Rodney, but her efforts prove useless. When she realises that Belle is teaming up with Rodney over the village show she decides to bribe Belle into helping her cause. Also, Jimmy is sad when Carl refuses to go to the village show with him and Matthew.

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