Matthew is at Home Farm when he is confronted by a menacing Grayson holding a gun! The situation gets worse when Katie returns early from the village show and walks in on them. Grayson takes Katie hostage along with Matthew and demands to know where Perdy is hiding out with the baby, but both Matthew and Katie refuse to talk. Carl and Jimmy burst in on the scene after returning to Home Farm to find out why Matthew didn't turn up at the village show. Grayson ushers Carl and Jimmy into the room at gunpoint. Carl tries to call Gray's bluff and he challenges Gray to shoot him, but Gray fires and hits Carl in the shoulder. Jimmy and Matthew manage to overpower Gray, while Katie calls the police. Gray is lead away in handcuffs. Terry is horrified when he discovers that his prize vegetables are missing and he accuses Jamie of sabotage. Terry takes revenge at the village show by stealing Jamie's dog whistle to ruin his dog obedience event. The out-of-control dogs dash towards the pie-eating contest, catching Shadrach off guard, who in turn ruins Nicola's quilt. A horrified Marlon and Paddy make a quick exit before they're found out.


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