Joe discovers that Margaret caused the death of the ewe, and tries to make her pay the price. David tries to get her to return home with him. Meanwhile, Arthur is rushed to hospital after Sam accidentally slams his fingers in the car door.


Annie believes that whoever was responsible for the dead ewe must pay for it, but warns Joe not to jump to conclusions. Eileen asks Annie to give Arthur a ring so she can prove she wasn't responsible for filling his head with thoughts of eviction by force. Annie rings him to inform him they're coming over and is shocked when he answers the phone with a torrent of bad language. Joe catches up with David and Margaret and tells them they've killed a ewe by dropping a can top and that they owe Emmerdale Farm £200. Later, David tells Margaret he wants to go home but she won't listen. He tells her he remembers her flicking a can top but she refuses to feel guilty. Arthur teases Sam when he complains of feeling tired after helping him on the farm. Sam becomes irritated and accidentally traps Arthur's fingers in the car door as he gets in. Henry's passing by and hears the commotion and rushes a reluctant Arthur off to hospital.


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Arthur Braithwaite: "What's an agreement to a fella like that?"
Sam Pearson: "Legal and binding."
Arthur Braithwaite: "Aye, like our Eileen's cooking, eh?."

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