Doug visits Brenda to apologise for coming on to her, but when Brenda goes to get them a coffee, Doug gets a nasty itch in his groin. Brenda returns to witness what appears to be Doug touching himself up and she is horrified. Doug tries to protest, but Brenda rings the police. Doug is taken into the station and when Ross spots him scratching, he sends him to see the doctor. Doug is mortified when he discovers that he has pubic lice! Nicola is still worried that Rodney may have discovered her scam and she is jumpy when he almost catches her on the phone to the publisher. Rodney is still in the dark as to exactly why Nicola has been trying to get her hands on his stories and he corners David, but David is cagey about Nicola's scheming. Carl is unsure whether to stay with Donald or return to the family fold; Lexi tells him she'll support whatever decision he makes, but she feels his heart is with the Kings. Bob is furious when he finds journo McNally in the village trying to stir up trouble among the villagers about Viv's charity dealings. Bob throws McNally out of the cafe, but he is later doorstepped by McNally, who wants to know his side of the story. He chucks him out again, but Jamie is sure that McNally will be back. Also, Jimmy insists that Scarlett retake her GCSEs!


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