Bob begs Nicola and Val to reconsider the legal action against him, but Nicola claims that as Viv pleaded guilty, they want their money back. Bob is at the end of his tether and as he tries to prepare the twins to go and visit Viv, he loses his temper and throws his customers out of the cafe. Later, Cathy manages to lock herself and Heath inside the car after taking Bob's car keys and Bob is forced to pay Eli to break into the car. Bob visits Viv without the twins and returns, devastated, confessing to Edna that Viv has told him she needs to distance herself and doesn't want him to visit her again. Jimmy is determined to get Scarlett to re-sit her exams and he hires Zak to take her to college. Scarlett talks Zak into dropping her off to go shopping with her mates instead by giving him a hefty tip. Zak confesses to Debbie that he's double-crossed Jimmy, but convinces her they need the business. T.J. starts his first day of school, making Terry feel emotional. Also, Lexi gets a trial at the factory and puts herself forward for the supervisor's job, much to Lisa's annoyance, who thought she had the job in the bag.


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