Eileen gives up on Arthur, whilst Annie is shocked to receive a torrent of abuse via a phone call to Arthur. However, she is more forgiving when Arthur explains that he thought Wilf had rung him back.


Eileen finds Arthur's stash of money at the farm. Joe confronts David over the money he and Margaret owe for the dead ewe but they just walk off. Arthur is back from the hospital with his hand in plaster. Eileen has had enough of him. She tells him that she's leaving that afternoon and warns him that he should protect his money better. Annie asks Arthur about the phone call she made and the torrent of abuse she received from him. He apologises as he thought it was Wilf, Eileen's husband, ringing him back. He explains Wilf called him and was responsible for making him fret over Maurice evicting him with force. He says Wilf is broke and wants Arthur to live with him and Eileen to get their hands on his money. He worries to Annie about growing old and speaks to Sam about retiring saying the accident with his hand has made him consider it. Arthur hears from Annie that Sam is planning on going on holiday and offers to go with him. He also apologises to Eileen and tells her he's thinking of moving into a cottage in the village. Arthur even considers moving into the old forge. Henry's shocked when he speaks to him in The Woolpack.


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