Marlon confides in Ashley that Donna is having panic attacks and Ashley has a talk with Donna, who admits her fears following the crash and explains that Ross is the only one who understands her. Ashley wonders if her feelings for Ross run deeper and Donna confesses that she feels confused. Ashley tells Ross that Donna needs his support and he visits Donna, who is thrilled but they both convince themselves that they can never be anything more than friends. Sam confronts Debbie about what Jo has said and Debbie insists that Jo and Andy are fine and he is wrong about Andy beating Jo. Sam refuses to believe that things are fine between the couple. Later, Andy finds the picture that Sarah drew of him looking threatening and Jo crying and Andy is appalled that Sarah sees him as a monster. Nicola is excited about the book reading but David reminds her not to give the game away around Rodney. Belle tells Rodney that her class have been invited to a book reading and shows him the flyer and he is stunned to see it's his Rollercoaster Rod book, along with a picture of Nicola and David! Also, Carl betrays Donald and tells Matthew about a De Souza client.


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