Donald is stunned when Anna reveals that their client has taken his business to the Kings and she insists that Carl must have tipped the Kings off. Donald refuses to believe Carl could have betrayed him but he is hurt when Carl confesses but blurts out that Anna has made his life a misery. Donald realises that Carl will always have one foot in the King camp and he writes him out a cheque to buy him out of the company. Donald and Anna argue and Anna declares that she will never be good enough to run Donald's business. An increasingly irate Donald clutches his chest and collapses and a horrified Anna rings for an ambulance, terrified that her father is having another heart attack. Nicola heads off to her first book reading in a ridiculous outfit and fends off the laughter of the villagers. Nicola and David pack up the car and Nicola is forced to cover when Rodney asks them if they would like some company. Rodney is sad when Nicola doesn’t ‘fess up. Belle urges Rodney to go to the second book reading tomorrow to confront his devious daughter. Also, Ross supports Donna on her last day in hospital.


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